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Ex Nihilo Opens Its First Middle East Store

Born in Paris, France, Ex Nihilo has kept growing to the most prestigious and exclusive selling points around the world in over 25 countries since its creation in 2013. For the very first time in its history, the luxury fragrance brand will open three flagships stores in a row over this year and next year, in Asia, the United States and the first one of them, in the Middle East.

Already established in some of the most prestigious department stores of Dubai, including Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols. Across the Middle East, Ex Nihilo can be found in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Doha, Qatar.

Much like Ex Nihilo, Dubai is a futuristic city that was created from scratch. A true Middle Eastern melting pot, combining a modern metropolis with timeless sensibility and Arabian flair. It is where the art scene, architect’s skyscrapers, and the desert cohabits with ultimate luxury. The success of Ex Nihilo’s perfumes at Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols, combined with the passion of the brand’s founders for Dubai, led them to bring their experience in Paris to Dubai, being the very first flagship in the Middle East. Ex Nihilo’s ambition is to mix this unique ambiance and twist it with its Parisian Avant-Garde roots in a unique destination place.

Each Ex Nihilo store is a unique destination place by essence, with a focus on comfort, experience, and exclusivity. The store conveys the “French Touch” with a scenography inspired by an art gallery and has the ambition to be a cultural hub for the fragrance lovers in the region.

The challenge for the Dubai store was to integrate the codes of 352 Saint-Honoré, their Paris flagship, into a futuristic Middle Eastern atmosphere: keeping the luxury of details and using local architectural details to sublimate its identity. The usage of noble materials such as white marble, wood, and brass brings texture and adorn to the space.


The new Dubai-based space has been divided into four major areas. When you first enter there is the Experience zone, where you’ll find the  collections and the Vases de  Senteurs, an electronic system of dry diffusion, which prevents from olfactory saturation and allows you to discover the scents in full serenity.   

Then you’ll find yourself in a more intimate place, the Salon Zone. It’s all about comfort and relaxing in a perfume paradise. Visitors can also enjoy a hidden display reserved for exceptional and one-of-a-kind creations that are available to discover privately by staff.

The climax of the store is the Custom Zone, situated around an exceptional marble perfume bar where guests will be  invited for a private consultation around  the  key element of  the store: the Osmologue© the High-Tech device Ex Nihilo has specifically developed to personalize fragrances.

There is also an Art of Wrapping Zone, where the experience ends by adding the finishing touches to your creations.

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