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Dubai Opera Holds A Milestone Cultural Exhibition

The Khawla Art & Cultural Foundation unveils its first official exhibition at the UAE landmark that is the Dubai Opera. The foundation’s exhibition explores powerful works that celebrate color, faith, calligraphy and poetry and aims to invite Arab and international audiences to discover them.

The exhibition falls on Khawla Art & Cultural Foundation’s first year anniversary and its successful upbringing despite pandemic challenges. Dubai Opera is featuring 50 pieces of work by 40 artists from all over the world, including sculptures, paintings and more.

Quran verses written in a variety of calligraphies are present in a special section of the exhibit. The brilliant artists have decorated mosques, palaces, domes, and have been mentored by regional calligraphy giants.

Founder of the foundation and brains behind the exhibition, HH Sheikha Khawla Bint Ahmed Al Suwaidi is also participating in the exhibition as her own calligraphy work will be displayed. Specializing in the Jeli Diwani style of Arabic handwriting, Sheikha Khawla has produced a contemporary font which combines the art of hurufiyya, Arabic for “letterism,” free of the constraints governing other typefaces.

Her artwork calls for viewers to consider the layers of meanings contained within the use of the language that is etched in a continuous calligraphic art.

Themes that run through the exhibition also explore concepts including faith, which is conveyed in verse, tolerance and prose, and shown in a variety of words, colors and spirituality. The exhibition is a consideration of the foundation and Khawla’s Cultural Council, which holds a plethora of monthly cultural seminars on painting, colors, calligraphy, light, and poetry.

The exhibition is open from September 28 till October 12, from 10am to 10pm, with add-on events including insightful panels between the artists and audiences. 

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