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Sheikha Al-Dosary, a Journalist & Storyteller Specialized in Saudi Culture

This Saudi female trailblazer is on a mission to empower fellow women with awe-inspiring stories, journeys, and aspirations of Saudi women.

Sheikha Aldosary is a Saudi journalist, media, and communication specialist in women’s rights, political and socioeconomic issues in Saudi Arabia, with more than a decade of work experience in the field.

The founder and managing director of Saudi Women Stories worked with well-known journalists and media organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Guardian, NPR, AFP, BBC radio, French M6, Alsharq Alawsat, ArabNews, and more.

The brilliant Saudi female journalist earned a MA degree in international journalism from University of Arizona. She focused on studying the visual representation of women in media and has extensively researched the Saudi women’s image in western media. She is passionate about women’s empowerment, education, art, equality, as well as women’s fascinating stories. She hopes to extend Saudi Women Stories to a storytelling platform for all women around the world. 

The platform actually plays a crucial role in showcasing Saudi culture and lifestyle to a general audience. To mark the UN's 75th anniversary, in August 2020, Saudi Women's Stories hosted the UN75 dialogues touching on the challenges, goals, and importance of global co-operations. Al-Dosary also took part in the discussions, emphasizing the importance of Saudi roles in the UN, and on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

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