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Saudi Arabia Launches Global Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority opened the registration for the International AI Artathon 2021.

If you're interested, you have until Sept. 26 to apply online. The artathon is the perfect opportunities for those interested in AI music, interactive art, wall art, volumetric art, and data.

The participants create artworks using AI technologies and stand up against competing teams in the categories of interactive arts, paintings, volumetric art, and music.

Saudi Arabia’s big data and artificial intelligence could reach $891.7 million in five years, a new report released in August 2020 showed. The field also led to innovative solutions facing the global health crisis.

 Tawakkalna app is an example because it facilitated curfew permits during lockdown.

The artificial intelligence ecosystem in the Kingdom is growing by the day with advances in big data concepts and smart megacities like NEOM.

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