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Volunteers Join Forces To Clean Up Jeddah Beaches

Over 500 people gathered their forces to clear waste from Jeddah's beautiful coasts.

Saudi community group, Hejaz Bloggers, organized two meet ups this weekend in Khaleej Salman and Alexandria beaches.

Aside from picking trash from the sand, 20 divers volunteered to clean seabed too. According to Arab News, more than 50,000 discarded items were removed.

With environment and sustainability on Vision 2030's agenda, it's refreshing to see civil operations like these taking place. Obeid also believes that keeping sites like beaches clean will boost tourism.

“We are a committed team united to restore the environmental dimension into our lifestyles, and ultimately shape and build sustainable habits that improve the quality of life around the vast demographic,” Hejaz Bloggers organizer Ruaa Obied told Arab News. “In the end, we produce a better culture that can sustain its being across the centuries ahead.It aims to develop eco-friendly practices that can lessen our footprint on the environment to boost the ecotourism sector,” she added.

Through the power of social media, group members will maintain enthusiasm and enhance the civic spirit for future activities.

“We have amazing stuff in store, from World Volunteer Day to breast cancer awareness and so much more, to celebrate international days relating to the common good of Saudi society,” she told Arab News.

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