Get the Look: Rouge Louboutin Manicure

If you love Christian Louboutin’s renowned creative wit and style, you’ll simply adore this manicure look, which features that cherished signature red.

 Fade to Rouge - Greg Kessler

French designer Christian Louboutin’s shoes are instantly recognisable, mostly thanks to their signature and now trademarked red lacquered soles. Since the inspiration for the iconic red soles came from a stroke of red nail polish, it isn’t a surprise Nail Colour was naturally the first beauty line on offer once Christian Louboutin Beauté was established. And Rouge Louboutin, a timeless, vibrant red that debuted as a Nail Colour, recently celebrated a birthday. If you love the glamorous ruby hued polish, how about giving it a dark twist with this “Fade to Rouge” manicure look?

  1. Start by applying Loubi Primer. 

  2. Continue by applying two coats of Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour.
  3. Then, pour a small amount of Khol Noirs Nail Colour onto a plate.
  4. With the help of a small paintbrush, carefully paint the tips of the nails with the black polish.
  5. Keep layering Khol Noirs until you create the desired ombre effect.
  6. Top off the manicure with Loubi Gloss.

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