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Saudi Arabia’s Fay Al-Juaid Wins Gold At Inaugural Arab Open Championship for the Blind

The triumphant judoka accomplished the goal she had while heading to the mat with aplomb!

Fay Al-Juaid, a member of Saudi Arabia’s women’s judo team, recently nabbed a gold while participating the first Arab Open Championship for the Blind in Egypt. The talented judoka finished first in the 48kg category after beating Egyptian opponent Zahwa Mahmoud in the final. The exciting event took place at Cairo International Stadium’s Indoor Halls Complex.

The debut edition dedicated to blind athletes, which was part of the formal Arab Judo Championship Open, concluded on September 15. In all, 35 determined professionals from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Kuwait took part in the inclusive addition to the championship.

This year’s Arab Judo Championship Open, which was also the sixth for women and the eighth for women and youth, saw 600 judokas participating. The talents in the Japanese martial art hailed from 12 of the region’s countries. As well as host nation Egypt, the participants were from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Libya and Morocco.

Did you know?
While it is an unadulterated combat sport, judo means the ‘gentle way’. The martial art was founded by Dr Kano Jigoro, the first Japanese member of the International Olympic Committee, in the late 19th century. As well as working through the sport’s physical, mental, educational and moral aspects, judokas have to focus on avoiding false moves and loss of concentration, which can result in defeat. 

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