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Female Expat in Saudi Arabia? Check Out The Women’s Skills Bureau (WSB) Community

If you’re a female expat residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then you should check out the Women’s Skills Bureau (WSB), a community organization founded by a diverse group of women, designed to help fellow expats navigate the Kingdom in various ways. Currently, WSB helps connect and empower women of all nationalities through networking, advice, and workshops. There is a total of seven programs on offer, so let’s have a look at each.

WSB Connect
“WSB Connect” is a monthly professional networking and development forum, designed for women looking to acquire new skills, and connect with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

WSB Volunteer
“WSB Volunteer” is a program designed to get expats in Riyadh to connect for a good cause.

Survive and Thrive
“Survive and Thrive” offers support and guidance to live a fulfilling life in Riyadh and was, in fact, WSB’s very first program dating back to 2011.

Find and Be Found
“Find and Be Found” is a networking opportunity for employers, volunteer organizations, and people seeking employment and professional development opportunities.

Intercultural and Language Exchange
“Intercultural and Language Exchange” helps women learn each other’s languages while exploring their cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Sustainability Support Group
“Sustainability Support Group” is a response to the need for sustainability practices such as recycling, food waste management, and tackling single-use bags.

Industry Working Groups
“Industry Working Groups” are the WSB’s latest initiative designed to connect women from different industry sectors. It does so by providing women with a support platform to network, create and achieve their full potential within their area or industry of expertise.

Indeed, it’s easy to see how WSB is a useful platform for women residing in Saudi Arabia, be it locals or expats alike, as it offers various means of connecting and realizing their potential. If you’re interested in taking part, you can either join through their annual membership or via their work groups at

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