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Sara Tamimi’s Second Collection Puts Style And Sustainability Hand In Hand

The Emirati designer who has been showing up on everyone's radar continues to push boundaries…

If there’s proof needed to show how quickly Emirati Sara Tamimi is going from strength to strength, it’s her second collection. The feminine, contemporary, thoughtful and nostalgic “Chapter 2” collection by the Abu Dhabi-based designer is inspired by her mother’s vintage closet and made to last a lifetime, making it an antithesis to fleeting trends. The elegant, ecological and artisanal pieces, which play on the designer’s passion for dissimilar textiles, are undoubtedly a prime example of how compatible sustainable living and wearable luxury can be.

Exuding a quiet confidence, the collection includes standouts like an ankle-grazing dress in ethically-dyed mulberry silk featuring a pin-tucked bodice and a black suit that marries a strong-shouldered, puffed-sleeve jacket with refined, high-waisted flares. Additionally, Tamimi, who has a business degree from Sorbonne University in addition to the fashion-based one from the prestigious Esmod Dubai, has designed a long boucle coat that combines statement sleeves with a dramatic lapel. Meanwhile, for those who like to be a bit daring, there’s the structured-but-playful cropped jacket, made from cruelty-free Ahimsa Silk.

Throughout the collection, the Abu Dhabi born and bred up-and-coming creative, who has loved fashion since she was a young girl, has opted for state-of-the-art fabrics. These include innovative rose-petal satin, Global Organic Textile Standard silk, 100 percent Oeko-Tex ponti, ethically sourced Egyptian cotton and vegan leather. Even the buttons are environmentally-friendly, crafted from an alloy that does not produce any waste and coated in a smart eco-plating that uses minimal water.

Designed for contemporary living, almost every look in the collection that is available online at captures the duality of the modern woman, easily juxtaposing the feminine with the powerful. For example, a vegan leather top and skirt feature fringed strips designed to complement the natural curves of a woman’s body, however, they also call to mind ancient leather armour. Elsewhere, Tamimi, often described as one of the best-dressed women in the MENA region, presents double-knit leggings with crisscrossed lace detail, blurring the line between ballerina and warrior.

The eponymous label also introduces accessories in this collection. While venturing into the shoes market, the designer has come up with peep-toe mules that are expertly crafted from a slew of pioneering materials, including sustainably grown vegan cactus leather. The chunky belts, on the other hand, are constructed from salmon skin, a natural by-product of the fishing industry.

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