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This Restaurant Will Take You On An Amazonian Jungle Experience

Décor enthusiasts are sure to become repeat customers at this newly refurbished rainforest-inspired paradise…

While food will always be the star experience while dining out, the design and layout can elevate a good meal into a memorable dining experience. And standing out from the crowd is Amazónico Dubai, which has reopened after its show-stopping interior revamp. The extraordinary three-story renovation at the rainforest-inspired restaurant in DIFC means guests going for cocktails and the array of tropical and Latin American dishes by Head Chef Diego Fernando Sanchez Vargas can rediscover an even wilder jungle paradise. From the bar and lounge through to the sushi counter and rooftop, the entire eatery known for its vibrant signature dishes with a twist has been dreamily reimagined and enhanced, showcasing a paradise of lush greenery and foliage-draped ceilings.

The stunning re-design took the internationally acclaimed Lázaro Rosa-Violán, responsible for the interiors of the Madrid-based chain that also has an outpost in London, less than 30 days. This time, the award-winning artist has taken inspiration from undiscovered landscapes in the Amazon, using natural materials around the restaurant to achieve a unique aesthetic. And the result is a larger-than-life, vibrant Amazónico that delves deeper into the rainforest than ever before.

The Bar & Lounge at the hotspot that now has a late-night, energetic music programme, extended opening hours and updated cocktails, takes centre-stage. The statement 10-metre cocktail bar that extends across the ground floor is a talking point in itself. Amazonian butterflies, or Mariposas, feature heavily across the restaurant and are seen resting on the walls encased in glass, while 3D hand-painted versions hang from the ceiling with each sculpture individually lit. The creatures, along with the two giant fire installations behind the bar, and in the indoor/outdoor terraces, bring an alluring charm to this space.

Then almost unrecognisable with its burnt-orange banquets and lofty ceilings is the stunning Sushi Counter, which has almost doubled in size. Large, illuminated feathers in vivid colours, unusual woven-hessian lamps and tribal patterns create a captivating appeal in this informal dining spot. The sushi bar faces out into an extended seating area and enclosed terrace, which allows guests to enjoy alfresco dining with the comfort of air conditioning.

Additionally, a grand chandelier of preserved plants, 22 species to be precise, hangs by the top of the eatery’s iconic staircase. Weighing over 250kg, it sits interwoven with delicate lights. This feature is suspended above a new service bar and opposite panels of tribal-inspired wall art, created using cement moulded into mesmerising rope patterns.

And it’s impossible to talk about Amazónico without mentioning the Rooftop Bar, which is opening in October, The hotly anticipated space, with its jaw-dropping new look, promises to be the party destination of the season. 

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