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Obhur Bay Is The Sweetest Escape in Jeddah

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The Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah has several destinations that are popular with the tourists, but Obhur Bay is definitely at the top of the list amongst beachgoers. Also known by locals as the “Bride of the Red Sea,” this 11-kilometer coastal shore is a favorite getaway for families and tourists, especially during spring and autumn when temperature is ideal. It is situated some 30 kilometers from central Jeddah, and south of King Abdullah Economic City.

There are many ways to experience Obhur Bay. It offers several private and public beaches, hotels, and resorts to choose from. They are also a great way to unwind while taking in the sights and sounds of the sea. The bay is also accommodating to female beachgoers, and is a popular destination for family picnics.

One can also partake in water activities such as jet skiing, boat riding, and diving, with water competitions being held throughout the year. Surfing can also be done here but, due to safety reasons, only the most skilled may partake in this activity.

In addition, Obhur plays host to marathons organized by the government and private agencies. You can also find amusement parks and play areas for the kids, and local kiosks meeting the needs of shoppers. It is also where Prince Waleed bin Talal proposed the construction of Kingdom Tower which, when completed, is said to become the world's tallest building.

Indeed, it's easy to understand the importance of Obhur Bay as a tourist destination. In collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority, many of its attractions were featured in the Kingdom's summer program, "Our Summer, Your Mood," which is said to run till September 2021. The program features 11 destinations with over 250 partners from the private sector, and over 500 tourist experiences. 

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