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Lancôme’s ‘Write Her Future’ Programme To Continue Full Steam Ahead

By challenging illiteracy, the cosmetics giant is aiming to give an ever-growing number of women the ability to narrate their own destinies..

While celebrating International Literacy Day on September 8, Lancôme reiterated its support to tackle illiteracy all over the word with its ‘Write Her Future’ cause. The French leading luxury beauty brand confirmed it will work further on its commitment to empower women with access to literacy, mentoring and entrepreneurship, so they can write their own happier futures and achieve self-fulfillment. So far 50,000 women have benefited from the philanthropic ‘Write Her Future’ programme since its launch in 2017, and Lancôme aims to reach over 100,000 by end of 2022.

Lancôme works in partnership with CARE International, an NGO with a mission to defeat global poverty, on the scheme. And it is making the most of rapid global digitalisation as it provides an extraordinary opportunity to empower even more women and drive greater change. This year, the beauty experts are expanding and fast-tracking their vow to sharing knowledge via digital solutions that foster two key pillars of ‘Write Her Future’: online mentorship and entrepreneurship.

“At Lancôme, we continue to accelerate our global transformation by further expanding our cause mission into mentorship and entrepreneurship,” Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme Global Brand President, said. “Our priority is to scale up our programmes in order to deliver on our ambitions and ultimately allow all women to become authors of change, starting with themselves, their families and beyond."

Around the world, Lancôme partners with 15 international organisations, and new initiatives continue to launch at pace. In Germany, an online mentorship and entrepreneurship programme has empowered women with the confidence and mindset they need to launch their businesses and gain self-confidence, benefiting over 10,000 e-users. Meanwhile, Lancôme UK and Ireland pledges to reach 5,000 beneficiaries by July 2023, equipping them with the literacy skills, leadership abilities and confidence needed in order to boost their career prospects and employment opportunities. Additionally, in the USA, a project will foster educational equity for all women to include mentorship and scholarships for women of colour. Across in Asia, the Chinese programme will further empower women with the basic skills they need to secure employment, whereas in Japan, ‘Write Her Future’ will enhance women’s digital skills so they may obtain top leadership positions.

Here are some 2021 milestones and achievements by the programme that aims to fight the invisible taboo that is female illiteracy.

  • In Morocco, CARE International has implemented pre-school and school education projects benefitting 1,635 children and 1,516 parents. Today, 1,100 women can support their children with schooling.
  • ‘Write Her Future’ has benefited over 5,000 young women in Guatemala who are excluded from the educational system, as well as an additional 5,460 other women aged over 35 who haven’t had any access to education.
  • Over in Thailand, the initiative has given 2,578 women access to literacy classes, allowing them to learn and share their knowledge with other women.

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