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Jennifer Aniston Launches New Beauty Brand

Jennifer Aniston has been the ultimate hair influencer since the 90s, has aged gracefully, maintained her enviable physique and minimalist approach to her overall look.

Ever the natural beauty, the Friends star has jumped on the celebrity beauty brand bandwagon, much like J-Lo, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Lady Gaga to name just a few, and took to Instagram to announce the pending arrival of her very own brand, “LolaVie.”

Whilst details of the brand and products remain firmly under wraps, these are some of the product lines we hope she might offer… 

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Hair Care

It has been reported by American rag, “Page Six,” that Aniston’s new beauty brand will offer hair care, and this, of course, is something that will delight her fans the world over as she was the one whose pictures we would cut from magazine to show our hairdressers and said “gimme the Rachel.” Her perfect, effortless hair styles were the envy of many, and her straightened feathered cut was the only style to be donning for over a decade.

Now in 2021, her hair is still in beautiful condition and we want to know exactly how she does it!

And did you know… in 2012, Jennifer launched a haircare brand called Living Proof, which was eventually sold to Unilever – a real testament to Aniston’s business acumen – especially within the beauty industry.

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Skin Care

Aniston is 52 years old – we’re in our 30s and she looks better than us – so yeah, we’ll definitely have what she’s having, please and thankyou!

The Along Came Polly heroine has always been into maintaining her skin, being healthy, drinking enough water, and also investing in her beauty regime. At home she relies on several tools, from Jillian Dempsey’s 24-carat gold-plated Beauty Wand to Melanie Simon’s ZIIP nanoncurrent face tool, and loves a decent sheet mask.

Aniston is known to be so knowledgeable about skincare that she was the brand ambassador for Aveeno almost 10 years ago! 

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Wellness Products

Jennifer Aniston has the body of a goddess – which isn’t always the easiest as women age. Ensuring that she stays fit, she maintains her toned physique by doing yoga, boxing, and cardio whilst remembering to take her vitamins and supplements.

Aniston nourishes herself with a collagen supplement by Vital Protein, a brand that appointed her its chief creative officer towards the end of last year. We’re hoping she comes up with her own concoction that will have us glowing like her in no time!

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No Makeup Makeup

For as long as we have seen Jen-An on the red carpet, she is always seen to be glowing with a pared down natural-glam, no-makeup-makeup look in the most flawless way.

A look she’s notorious for, thanks to her personal makeup artist, Angela Levin, it’s one that we can all imitate so we’re hoping she also launches a line of easy-to-use makeup products that work for EVERYONE so we can also look as natural and as fresh faced as she does!

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