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Huda Beauty’s New Brow Gel Is The Answer To The Fluffiest Brows

Gone are the days of skinny, tweezed to an inch of their lives, brows.  

Taking a well-deserved b(r)ow, Huda Beauty has added a new member to the #BOMBBROWS family with a gel that tames, tidies and adds instant fluff-factor to your brows with its unique combination of volumizing microfibers and ultra-thin spoolie. The Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel gives you fluffy, feathered brows in seconds, thanks to the powerful combination of a flexible, yet long-lasting gel which is applied with a precise, product-maximizing wand. The result? Fire fluffy brows that look naturally yours.

“Brows are my beauty starting point, and to fulfil the dream of fluffy, natural-looking brows, I’ve designed a long-lasting gel to fluff your way to bomb bushy brows,” says Huda.

So how does it work?
First up, the gel: A long-lasting formula that’s water resistant, smudge-proof, and armed with a complex of hair-conditioning ingredients, including coconut oil, vitamin E, castor oil and cyperus oil. The unique formula comes with microfibers that thicken brows by adhering to skin and hair to dial-up the density and add sassy shape for full, fluffy, natural-looking brows. The gel also holds unruly brows in place without being flakey or stiff.

Unlike most brow products on the market, Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel comes with a micro-precision brush, specifically designed to comb through brows without clunky product built up. The precision spoolie allows beginners to master an effortless brow with high-performance results. Makeup pros who love to build up their brow with multiple products will love the non-flaking, non-patchy formula that locks brows into place and gives the freedom to create a feathered effect or a natural, groomed finish.

Huda Kattan and her team were inspired by the ever evolving brow trends and how beauty enthusiasts are stepping away from overly sculpted, contoured, product-heavy brows, and began looking into in-salon treatments to create a fluffy, feathered brow. Aware that there was a need for a product that could achieve the same professional, yet natural-looking results at home, Huda wanted to create a product that would add natural-looking fullness, fluff and texture.

Following the launch of her #BOMBBROWS collection with the Microshade Brow Pencil in February 2021, which allows everyone to design their own individual brow, Huda was hunting for a brow gel that could tame her unruly arches, while adding texture and creating a feathered, bushy, brushed-up look.

Huda found overly pigmented brow gel made her already dark brows look blocky and lose the shape she had carefully created with the pencil. Huda created a tinted gel with tiny microfibers for color, fullness and control in one super-easy-to-apply, zero-flaking formula. But the real key to a game-changing brow product was combining a winning formula with the right tool. By combining a super-slim spoolie with this game-changing formula, she could lift even the finest hair, and the fibers would wrap around the hair shaft, adding instant lightweight volume. With the right amount of volume and color pay-off, she created the illusion of a natural-looking, feathered brow in just one simple sweep.

Available in eight shades from Warm Blonde to Soft Black, all hair colors are covered. You can use #BOMBBROWS Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel alone or with Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS Microshade Pencil to fill in any details or sparse areas in your natural brows.  

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