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What’s The New UAE Green Visa?

In yet another move to foster talent within the country, the UAE has announced several new visa amendments and expansions, namely a new Green Visa aimed at freelancers. This visa will enable freelancers to not only sponsor themselves but also their parents and children up to the age of 25. At present, those eligible for the visa include highly skilled residents, high-achieving students, entrepreneurs and a number of others. The reason for the increased age of dependents is so that young residents choose to remain in the UAE while they carve out their career paths, be it creative, educational, or entrepreneurial.

Other than the Green Visa, a first of its kind new visa is also being introduced for students aged 15 and above that are looking to gain work experience across several different sectors. These new visa provisions have been established in order for the UAE to be seen as an ideal destination for work, education, and entrepreneurship for people in any field. The existing Golden Visa will also be expanded to add in managers, CEOs, and residents who are specialists in their respective career paths and will have a streamlined process of applying for the same.

These new visa amendments come as part of “Projects Of The 50,” which are initiatives that fall in line with the country’s 50th National Day this year. In a press conference held on Sunday, UAE ministers and senior officials including Her Excellency Sarah Yousef Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology announced the first set of projects, which include national initiatives to support emerging Emirati companies and enhance the quality of national products.

Dubai Culture introduced a 10 year cultural visa scheme for those in creative industries, whilst Abu Dhabi Art has introduced “Friends of Abu Dhabi Art,” which is an all-encompassing initiative that supports emerging artists within the Abu Dhabi art scene. 

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