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5 Saudi Brands That Should Be On Your Style Radar

The fashion industry in Saudi Arabia has seen an influx of trailblazing designers from the kingdom who are redefining style in the region. Here 5 Saudi Arabian designer labels that should be on your style radar…

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Arwa Al Banawi

With her urban-tailored suits and statement T-shirts popping up in publications like Vogue, The New York Times and Marie Claire and spotted on street style stars across the world, Arwa AlBanawi doesn’t need much of an introduction anymore. And the Saudi fashion designer consistently shows why she continues to be a prime example of the region’s stellar talent, as she not only releases her own collections but also collaborations with major names, including Adidas and even Pepsi.

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Yousef Akbar

He first stepped into the limelight when he debuted at Fashion Forward in Dubai and has since garnered celebrity interest for his contemporary approach to women’s evening attire. Fascinated by the interaction of fabric and body, Yousef Akbar is all about a challenging convention in cutting and constructing his garments whilst maintaining timeless elegance and femininity, as he states, “My designs are the voice I used to deliver my message to the world, as fabric worn on the body.” Both Kelly Rowland and Chrissy Teigen are big fans of Akbar’s creations.

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Reem Al Kanhal

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, she began experimenting with fashion as a student and hasn’t looked back since. Reem Al Kanhal is the Saudi label to know for her design philosophy, which combines clean lines with drape curves, clean structures with the possibilities of freedom of individuality.

Launching her eponymous label in 2010, one year after graduating, Reem released a modular ready-to-wear collection of clothes and accessories, with an unmistakable take on form, colour and aesthetic.

Refusing to follow trends, or fashion cycles since the inception of her brand, she has cemented her reputation of offering the timeless. For Kanhal, her designs are a piece that brings a traditional past, with a modern future together, and that can be worn many times and in different ways.

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Ashi Studio

Ashi Studio is the label that dressed Beyonce in an iconic pink structural, ruffled gown and we totally stunned. Headed by founder and creative director, Mohammed Ashi, the Saudi Arabian designer produces stunning designs season after season, focusing on attention to detail, and the sheer drama of volume, structure, and fluidity all at once and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

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Ziyad Buainain

Born in Saudi Arabia and based in London, Ziyad Buainain holds an MA in Fashion Design (Womenswear) from Istituto Marangoni in Milano and launched his eponymous label in the throes of the pandemic. Growing up in Tokyo and living in Switzerland, New York, Milan and London gave Ziyad the opportunity to see beyond his parameters and widened his understanding of culture in all its facets, and pushed him to launch an eco-conscious label that draws inspiration from art, culture, and human emotion. Ethically made-to-order in London from a mix of dead stock, new and recycled fabrics, the brand envisages addressing the systemic problems of overproduction and consumption which plague the fashion industry today.

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