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Saudis Confirmed As the Most Powerful Arab Women on Social Media by Forbes

Three out of the top ten Arab women on social media are from Saudi Arabia according to Forbes Middle East.

The publication released its list of Top 10 Arab Women Social Media Influencers last month and confirmed that Saudi women are making waves in the online world. The rankings are created by calculating how many subscribers each influencer has on YouTube along with the number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to compile a final score.

All women had to be of Arab origin and based in the Middle East to be considered as an influencer in the region.

#6 Comic Darin Al Bayed with 4.2 million followers

Darin Al Bayed is a comedic sensation with over 4 million followers on Instagram. She found fame posting funny videos depicting conversations between men and women. She is also the star of YouTube comedy channel HowaWaHeya.

#8 Lifestyle blogger Njoud Al Shammari with 2.7 million followers

Njoud Al Shammari is a Saudi Arabian lifestyle blogger currently based in the U.A.E. She is one of the most influential female Youtubers from Saudi with over 1.3 million subscribers to her channel. Al Shammari posts videos and images about her life and travels as well as comedic skits featuring her brother Moha who is also popular on Youtube.

#10 Makeup artist Nora Bo Awadh with 2.3 million followers

Nora Bo Awadh is one of the most famous makeup artists in Saudi Arabia and has nearly 150,000 subscribers on Youtube less than a year after starting her channel. As well as presenting makeup tutorials on social media, Bo Awadh also conducts master classes across the region.

#1 Beauty extraordinaire Huda Kattan with 23.8 million followers

Although Saudi women made up the biggest group of influencers on the list, nether of them came close to beating the woman at the number one spot, Huda Kattan.
Called the Kim Kardashian of the beauty world, Kattan is an Iraqi-American beauty blogger-turned entrepreneur based in Dubai.

With her own makeup collection Huda Beauty and with a line of emojis in the works, Kattan not only represents the pinnacle of social media royalty in the Middle-East but also around the world.

Other influencers who made the list were Lebanese entrepreneur Joelle Mardinian (No. 2), Syrian Youtuber Hayla Al Ghazal (No. 3), Emirati chef Manal Alalem (No. 4), Kuwaiti blogger Nha Nabil (No. 5), Filmmaker Taim Al Falasi (No. 7) and Kuwaiti fashion and makeup artist Sondos Alqattan (No. 9).

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