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15 Things You Can Do To Feel A Little Bit Better

On some days, we are not feeling our best and that is totally okay. Feeling helpless, sad, anxious, guilty can sometimes feel so overwhelming. And so, we tend to forget that little things may alleviate our emotional journey. Here are 15 things you can do to cope better with a bad mood.

1- Eat hummus

Satisfaction guaranteed.

2- Watch an episode of your go-to TV show
Nothing like a good ol’ re-run of SATC or Gilmore Girls

3- Hug your pet
No pet? Take a walk and give some love to the first furry ball you see

4- Listen to your favorite track
Try to make up a feel good playlist. Dancing alone in your room is also strongly recommended.

5- Carbs
Comfort food, need we say more?

6- Most importantly, come face to face with your emotions
Assume it, feel it, and reflect on it.

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7- Ditch the cooking and order in.
On some day, our mental state makes a task as simple as cooking cumbersome. So just order in.

8- Open whatever cloud photo-sharing app you have and scroll through some good recent memories
It does wonders to the soul.

9- Journal
A hard one when you have some emotional blocks to overcome but the emotional clarity it provides makes it worthwhile

10- Splurge on that scented candle you've been eyeing and indulge in some ‘me’ time
Your moodiness may still linger afterwards but at least you'll feel more relaxed.

11- Wander
If running is not your thing (welcome to the club), take a brisk walk or hop in your car and drive aimlessly.

12- Watch a stand up comedy online
The LOL-ing will eventually bring a smile to your face.

13- Whenever you’re ready, confide in people you trust

14- Put on some lo-fi and daydream

15- Stream some nature sounds that are bound to soothe your soul and relax your brain.

Just type in nature sounds and enjoy xo

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