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Venice Film Festival Gives The Floor of Afghan Filmmakers

The forthcoming Venice Film Festival is due to host a panel to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan. The talk will include the state of the arts in the country after the Taliban takeover.

The official panel discussion will happen on September 4th, and will cover “the need to create humanitarian corridors and guarantee that (Afghan) filmmakers and other artists will be granted the status of political refugees, allowing (them) to leave the country in addition to concerns about their future and the need to help them get settled once they reach Europe.”

Sahraa Karimi, an Afghani filmmaker, Sahra Mani, Afghan documentary filmmaker and others will participate in the Venice panel moderated by Italian journalist Giuliano Battiston. Rotterdam International Film Festival artistic director Vanja Kaludjercic; Orwa Nyrabia, who is the artistic director of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam; European Film Academy (EFA) president Mike Downey; and Matthijs Wouter Knol, who is the EFA’s executive director will also be joining the team of experts.

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