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Time Travel To Ancient Egypt With Google

The perfect staying in plan.

From the Red Monastery in Souhag to the 5,000-year-old ancient tomb of Queen Meresankh II, if you are as fascinated by ancient Egypt as much as we are, read on to find out how you can travel back in time from the comfort of your home…

Google Arts and Culture and The American Research Center have a digital platform titled, “Preserving Egypt’s Layered History,” which unveils a plethora of ancient Egyptian archeological sites, using the medium of videos, stories, and tours.

Not only can you visit an ancient Roman villa, but also an Egyptian tomb. The new platform also offers fascinating information and facts about ancient Egyptian history along with 3D tours of the tombs. What’s more is that interviews with various Egyptologists are also accessible in which they elaborate on particular secrets and facts about the history of ancient Egypt.

Louise Bertini, the Executive Director of the American Research Center in Egypt, says in a segment, “I think what inspires me the most about ancient Egyptian’s way of life is how symbiotically they lived with the environment. it was the environment that influenced every aspect of their culture, religion and society.”

Deputy Director, Yasmin El Shazly also touched on the way ancient Egyptians documented life and how valuable the written word was to them “They believed writing was magic. They could write something or someone into being and erase them out of existence,” she said.

The collaborative project with Google, “Preserving Egypt’s Layered History,” is one of several that has been launched during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to continually allow history enthusiasts to continue to keep learning and maintain their interests, whilst offering up a virtual way to enjoy a type of escapism.

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