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Saudi Foodies Are Going Crazy Over This Pizza Alternative

BRB, just choosing which toppings to add to that scrumptious light and airy pinsa crust…

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While most of us love the mouth-watering taste of pizza, we often avoid the Italian staple because of the calories and the subsequent food coma that follows. Pinsa, its stretched-out oval-shaped cousin, however, is lower in calories, carbs and fat. This healthier alternative to traditional pizza is also extremely light and easily digestible thanks to the mix of flours like soy, rice and wheat flour, and the high-water content used (around 80 percent.) And thankfully, the pinsa pros at Pinsanity® are making it possible for foodies in the KSA to enjoy these lighter slices of heaven.

Residents of Riyadh’s central neighbourhood, Laban, can now bite into the authentically Italian pinsa brand’s fluffy clouds of dough. They’re baked inside wood-fired ovens to create an irresistible flavour and crispy texture on the outside, meanwhile the pinsa magically remains super soft on the inside. What’s more, Pinsanity®, which tops off their signature pinsas with premium Italian ingredients, is set to open two more branches. One is in another key area, Qurtubah, and the other in the financial district of Olaya. Set up as cloud kitchens in partnership with Kitopi KSA, the outlets will focus on delivery to the local areas making it accessible for more residents and new customers.

“We are extremely excited to launch the first international Pinsanity outlets in Riyadh. Opening in Saudi Arabia was really only a matter of time, and we wanted to ensure we had the perfect locations for our branches,” Pinsanity® Founder, Alessandro D’ubaldo, says. “Pinsanity® saw great success in the UAE and the Saudi Arabian market is a great expansion step, leading the way for future openings in the country and beyond. Riyadh will definitely be a key stepping stone for the brand as a whole.”

All outlets will be following all government-advised COVID- 19 rules and regulations, as well as all other required safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing and safety of customers. Additionally, the brand has introduced digital menus for the convenience of diners.

Did you know?

  1. Pinsas were actually created before pizzas in ancient Rome, around 600 years ago, using a mix of cereals.
  2. The word ‘pinsa’ derives from the Latin word ‘pinsere,’ which basically means to ‘push the dough by the hands.’
  3. Pinsas were regarded so highly by the Romans that ancient priests would even offer them to the Gods. 

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