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Decorate Your Home With Some Candles That Come With Special Meanings

Arcadia’s new home fragrance line revolves around relatable COVID-19 experiences…

Amna Al Habtoor has launched three candles as part of the “Out of the Darkness” series, which highlights the internal struggles people have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series by the creator of the renowned Dubai-based artisanal perfumery brand Arcadia is also about the subsequent light at the end of the tunnel as we surface from these tumultuous times.

All three candles are hand poured into individually made artistically designed cement holders, which come in three shades: grey, black, and white. Plus, each candle is made of a blend of natural waxes that are free of animal products and testing.

“In our new home fragrance series, “Out of the Darkness,” each candle is centred around a narrative of real experiences we have all gone through, all narratives are relatable during these testing times. The poetic description for the range of candles is built from the context of feeling enclosed, recurring incidents and not being heard – something I am sure everyone can relate to on some level,” Al Habtoor says.

Trapped Freedom

The first of the candles, “Trapped Freedom,” evokes feelings of the soul’s search for freedom and comes with woody, floral, rose, amber and oud notes.

Controlled Chaos

Meanwhile, “Controlled Chaos,” the second candle in the home fragrance line, uses woody, incense and balsamic notes to signify controlled chaos in one’s life.

Loud Silence

The final candle, “Loud Silence,” paints a picture of two people who don’t have a connection any more, and the silence created by the void between them is louder than their desire for being together. The candle has notes of citrus, bergamot, powdery, mimosa, white lilac, amber, musk, as well as woody and soft sandalwood.

About Arcadia
Since it was established in 2017, artisanal perfume brand Arcadia has been making waves. The unisex scents with luxurious ingredients are cruelty, paraben and chemical-free and come with sustainable packaging. The fine fragrance brand has so far come up with “Edition 1,” which includes 10 sophisticated scents, while the critically acclaimed second collection, “Edition 2, The Dark Series” has eight fragrance variations. 

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