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Saudi Arabia Welcomes First Library Association

The bookworms finally reunite.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture inaugurated the first cultural association in the field of libraries with brand new board of directors headed by Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Tayyar.

As part of Vision 2030’s Quality of Life Program, the new association, according to Arab News, hopes to raise awareness of libraries and books, empower its professionals, support research and studies related to it, and even build policies that regulate the work of the library sector in accordance with the best local and international practices. In 2021, the cultural associations set out the objectives of forming 16 professional associations in 13 cultural centers.

It hopes to grow a social model of Saudi intellectuals and artists that will promote the field in the Kingdom and abroad. The Ministry of Culture technically supervises 46 non-profit cultural organizations, distributed among institutions, NGOs and amateur clubs, in the fields of heritage, literature, film, visual arts, libraries, architecture, theater, performing arts, translation, fashion, and music.

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