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This Calorie Control Guide WIll Help You Gain A Healthy Mindset

If you’re having trouble controlling calories and eating the right portions, this easy-to-use method makes it pretty effortless…


Calorie control intake is about much more than trying to lose some kilos. The amount of food we choose to consume is also a very important part of our wellbeing and how we can sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To make regulating how much we munch a day less daunting, Rachael Sacerdoti created an easy-to-follow guide, which is part of the 12-week online SO Simple fitness programme she created. The calorie control part of the plan that combines best practices in fitness and nutrition allows women to take control of their choices, create meals for the day without going over the calorie output and have a healthy relationship with food.

“More than helping women achieve their ideal weight, I empower them by educating how to develop healthy attitudes towards food and eating, exercise and a strong sense of accountability – which are all key in having a balanced and sustained healthy lifestyle,” Sacerdoti, who is a fitness coach, said.

Targeted towards busy women who want to start their fitness journey and maintain a balanced lifestyle, the It’s SO Simple calorie control method features a guide that only uses hands. The founder of the SO Simple programme that utilises online tools and techniques that encourage motivation and accountability explained they focus on a 40 percent protein, 40 percent vegetables and 20 percent carbs formula, which can all be measured up by hand. Additionally, SO Simple don’t add fats into their meals as people already get natural fats from protein and vegetables such as meat, eggs and avocado.  

“Weight loss is very much a science. If the calories we take in are less than what we use up through activity, we will lose fat. The overarching idea here is that we want to consume less calories than we are typically using every day,” the UK-based Sacerdoti said.

 The whole fitness plan is designed to maximise the potential of a short amount of exercise from home, featuring online exercises, nutritional meal plans, progress tracking, personal consultation and a community group. 

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