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Kayali Launches A New Lust-List Fragrance

Kayali’s latest fragrance launch will have you mesmerized and feeling indulged…

Founder of Kayali, Mona Kattan, is disrupting the luxury fragrance space with her exquisite scents, using some of the perfume world’s most precious and unique ingredients. With the new Invite Only Amber | 23 Eau de Parfum Intense, Mona worked closely with the renowned fragrance house, Firmenich and their Principal Perfumer, Ilias Ermenidis, to create a bold, hypnotic scent that would leave a mesmerizing sillage.

“For Invite Only Amber | 23, I wanted something opulent and irresistible - tasty notes of voluptuous dark cherry, creamy and decadent chocolate hazelnut, smooth honey de Provence, sweet vanilla and precious oud - the combination is rich, provocative and sumptuous. In all honesty, this juice is literally “sexiness in a bottle,”’ says Mona.

Ilias Ermenidis, also added, “When creating Invite Only Amber | 23, I was really inspired by Mona Kattan’s deep passion and love for fragrance. Because of her devotion and respect for the craft of perfumery, I wanted to use the most deluxe and qualitative ingredients to entice, delight and maybe even surprise the wearer.”

Kattan’s love for amber scents has existed since she has always experimented with an endless list of gourmand notes to achieve her dream scent, one that would seduce the senses in one single spritz. “Invite Only Amber | 23” is a luxurious elixir that embraces the rich heritage of her Middle Eastern roots while also giving the wearer a feeling of decadence, desirability and fearlessness.

Mona explains her love for the amber scent and why she wanted create her own amber fragrance, “I have always found amber to be one of the most sexy, intense and addictive notes in fragrance. From the minute I smelled my first amber perfume, I knew that I wanted to create a scent of my own with this enticing ingredient! I find it so delicious and was so obsessed with the fact that it adds so much longevity to a perfume, and when mixed with the right gourmand notes, it is absolutely unforgettable.”

Invite Only Amber | 23’s olfactive journey begins as a gilded confection of Honey de Provence drizzled over Black Cherries and rolled in a decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Accord. As the scent dries down, it reveals an opulent bouquet of Rose Centifolia and Rose Damascena at the heart, faceted with Cistus Leaf and the sweet aroma of Tobacco leaves for even more depth and intrigue. At the base, precious Oud Oil and sensual Sandalwood Fir absolute combine in textured warmth while Cypriol adds a spicy, woody nuance for a multi-dimensional impression. Mysterious and intense, Amber Resin and Benzoin add a powerful allure, while soft and sensual Musks, with a touch of creamy, naturally sourced Madagascan Vanilla create an extraordinary, long-lasting mystique.

Invite Only Amber | 23, like all of KAYALI’s luxurious Eau de Parfum Intense fragrances, is infused with a high concentration of fragrance oil to ensure a deep, seductive scent that is long-lasting yet diffusive throughout the day.

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