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8 Celebrities with Arabic Tattoos

Arabic tattoos have become a trend among celebrities, attracting some of the most prominent media figures to get ink on their skin. Be it a fashion statement or a signature of virtues, there’s a surprising amount of them that have joined the club. Here are a few celebrities that are known to have Arabic tattoos. Hopefully most of them knew what these words meant before getting them.

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Zoe Saldana
Saldana features an Arabic tattoo that is perhaps the most unique for its assembly. It is a three part tattoo with only the first and third parts being Arabic words. The first part is the words “I want” (أريد), the second is the Arabic letters for “y” and “w”, and the last is “ask” (أسألها). Perhaps she meant “I want to ask”? This tattoo can be found on her right foot.

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Angelina Jolie
Jolie is no stranger to ink, having featured plenty of tattoos over her body, but her Arabic tattoo is one of her best descriptors. Seen on her arm is العزيمة, translating to either “strong willpower” or “determination”. An actor as hardworking and devoted as Jolie is certainly deserving of such a label.

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Colin Farrell
Another big fan of tattoos, Colin Farrell features the Arabic word for “Freedom” (الحرية) on his left wrist.

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Located on her left rib, singer Rihanna has the Arabic words for “Freedom in Messiah” (الحرية في المسيح).

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Michael Clarke
Clarke wins the award for the most daring of Arabic tattoos, featuring an entire sentence on his arm. The tattoo translates into: The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment.

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Zoe Kravitz
It was bound to happen that one of these tattoos would be off or poorly written and that’s unfortunately the case with Zoe Kravitz. Her tattoo was apparently supposed to translate to “Let love rule”, but instead turned out as “Let love the rule” (دع الحب القاعدة). Grammar must not have been in her body artist’s spell check program.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic
The football star Ibrahimovic has such a love for his surname that he had it tattooed on his arm in Arabic. Guess he won’t have to worry about name tags anymore.

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Selena Gomez
Actor Selena Gomez has used her skin to share some advice by tattooing the Arabic words for “Love yourself first” (أحب نفسك أولاً) on her back.

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