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Lebanon Sinks, Here’s How You Can Help

Lebanon faces the consequences of an unprecedented economic crisis and pandemic. The country suffers a worsening fuel crisis, a countrywide power blackout, and a decrease in medical supplies.

The devastating August 4th explosion obliterated Beirut’s port and surrounding residential areas. On August 15th 2021, Lebanon suffered another deadly fuel tank blast that claimed over 25 lives and left around 80 people injured in the north of the country.

People have no access to their savings in banks and the value of their currency at an all-time low with poverty striking more than half of the population.

Here’s what you can do to help Lebanon:

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Donate Medical & Food Supplies

Medical and food supplies are decreasing rapidly, and with the country not having power or electricity, hospitals risk high numbers of patients who need vital or even basic medicines and supplies dying.

Following the fuel tanker explosion, where medical supplies are urgently needed, Lebanon NeedsBasecamp, and Baytna Baytak have joined forces to provide the help required and they can be supported by donating sterile gauze rolls, adhesive tapes, cotton, gloves, masks, antiseptics, wet wipes, and more.

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Help Your Lebanese Friends in Work & Business

Repatriation funds are crucial to livelihoods in Lebanon. If you know any Lebanese people that are unemployed and looking for a job, do your best to help them find a job that they would be great for. Moreover, support Lebanese entrepreneurs, small business and more in any way you can.

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Donate Money to NGOs

Many NGOs are tending to those that have been injured, are feeding the hungry, and helping to rebuild from the destroyed infrastructures and there are a number of trusted NGOs you can donate your money to in order to make a difference.

These include: the Lebanese Red CrossImpact Lebanon, and Beit el Baraka. Lebanese-Australian humanitarian Jessica Kahawaty has also started an online fundraiser you can donate to, with each dollar provided to the Lebanese people soon as the fundraiser is closed.

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