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Afghanistan: 5 Ways You Can Help

The world is in disarray for many people all over the world in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but nothing could prepare us for the devastation the Afghans are in as the Taliban have captured the country and thousands of people have been trying to flee from its capital of Kabul in despair. Harrowing images of the Taliban takeover and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on surfaced on August 15. Upon this news, there is heightened fear for the women and girls of the country who may have to suffer their loss of freedom, education and rights. As it stands, women have already been released from their jobs, and female students have had to bid their tutors and professors farewell with no word on whether they will be allowed to return to their respective educations that they had fought so hard for.

In all of this, the rest of the world remains stunned, powerless, but there are ways in which we can help and here’s how:

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UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights of children and women in Afghanistan. With over 65 years of service, they are one of the longest-serving international organizations in the country.

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Afghan Aid

Afghan Aid provides basic services, improves livelihoods, strengthens the rights of women and children, help communities protect against natural disasters and climate change, and respond to humanitarian emergencies.

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Women For Afghan Women

Women For Afghan Women is a women’s rights organization that works to provide safe shelter, aid and resources to help women and girls in Afghanistan.

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Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands has set up an emergency appeal to help thousands who are trying to flee the country, and has teams on the ground that are distributing lifesaving aid to the victims including emergency food parcels, blankets, pillows, cooked hot meals, and powdered milk to new mothers. They are also setting up a mobile health clinic to provide primary health care and distribute necessary medication.

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Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is sending urgent food aid for those who have been displaced as result of the on-going conflict in Afghanistan.

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