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This Saudi Expert Leads The Fuel Products Operations At Aramco

Next time you fill up your car at the gas pump, remember that a brilliant Saudi woman was likely involved in your fuel’s development and performance!

Dr. Amani Musharah is an inspiration. She is an elite expert on fuels, working in a crucial area of operations for one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies, and carving a path for women with every step along the way. At Aramco’s Research and Development Center (R&DC), Dr. Musharah’s team oversees specifications of the company’s fuel products, ensuring that they achieve optimum performance for customers.

With a PhD from the University of Manchester, she uses her chemistry background to lead fuel and crude oil experts, scientists and technicians who advance fuel industry developments. She has also worked on many high-profile projects at a national level, solving critical issues and providing expert opinion on various initiatives, including a strategic fuels storage program and an east-west pipeline expansion.

Dr. Musharah leads the Crude and Products Characterization Unit within the Technical Services Division, where she oversees a team of 30 people - all of whom she describes as up-and-coming talent, working together to provide highly specialized technical services to various bodies within Aramco. She also serves on Aramco’s Flow Assurance Standards Committee, which supports efficient operation of Aramco pipelines, and provides consultation whenever fuels-related advice is needed.

“Our team knows crude oils, transportation fuels and how they interact with engines,” she explained. “We work to help the company produce the best fuels for consumers - and for the environment. We know what makes the best fuel, and what kind of fuel additives are needed in order to run with optimum efficiency. Anything that goes into fuel has to be assessed by our team. We even provide expert knowledge and training to government authorities.” 

She realized at an early age that this field would be important to the future of her country. She credits her mother for her drive for excellence in her studies. “Since I was a girl, my mom taught me that an education makes a woman strong,” she said. “It allows her to be strong and independent, no matter what happens. She supported me to make sure I got opportunities that the older generation didn’t get, which meant an advanced education and a career.”  

Dr. Musharah delights in the fact that she knows more about fuel and cars than her husband, who has been driving for 25 years.  She is also a mother, and she is quick to dispel suggestions that she has fought an uphill battle because of her gender. “Aramco’s R&DC management is very versatile and supportive, investing in people and giving them opportunities – and pushing for women to take on important leadership roles,” she said.   

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