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50 Most Beautiful Arabic Baby Names in 2019

What lasts a lifetime and is something you don’t want to regret giving? Naturally, it’s a baby’s name. Naming a bundle of joy can be an exciting but overwhelming job. In Islam, it is said that having the task of naming your new-born is a divine gift, and one is encouraged to give names that have good or noble meanings or associations.

In the sea of delightful Arabic names, these are a few that you won’t wish to go back in time and change.

Beautiful Arabic Baby Girl Names

1. Aaliyah

Happiness and prominence come with this beautiful name.

2. Anisah
It means close, intimate, or one who is a good friend.

3. Asma
Meaning "supreme", this name will give its bearer confidence even before she's born.

4. Ayah or Aya
This stunning name holds many meanings; a "miracle", "amazing" or a Qur'an verse. 

5. Bariah
"Talented" and "gifted" qualities come with this name.

6. Cantarah
This name means "little bridge", and is a huge favorite because of its interesting pronunciation.  

7. Durdana
Baby name Durdana, stands for a single pearl.

8. Emani
This name means "my faith" in Arabic, and rolls just beautifully when pronounced.

9. Hadiyah
This names will have your child right on the "path of righteousness".

10. Inaya
Inaya is an unusual and exotic name, meaning "concerned".

11. Kalila
Arabic for "beloved", the name Kalila is absolutely cute!

12. Khalidah
Your little joy will have "immortality" and "everlasting" charm. 

13. Leilah
Hailing from the Arabic Leila that means "dark beauty", Leilah is mysterious and alluring.

14. Malika
Your baby girl will be a crowned as a "queen" while carrying this name.

15. Meissa or Maitha
Meaning "the shining one", this Arabic name is truly one of the special ones. Many royals have named their children after this name. 

16. Nahlah
The name translates to something refreshing and life-saving, a "first drink of water in the desert".

17. Nura
A variant of the Arabic Noor, the name Nura is "full of light".

18. Omeera
A soft, yet bubbly name for a baby who possess an optimistic attitude.

19. Qadirah
Meaning "capable", and the name holds some sort of esteemed honor as it is the female form of Qadir, one of the 99 attributes of Allah.

20. Sama
Sama means "sky" in Arabic, and the sky's the limit for your baby girl if she holds this name. 

21. Taliha
A bright and brilliant name, expressing “one who seeks knowledge”.

22. Thanah
A majestic name, that although traces back to Greek goddess Thanatos, it means "sage" in Arabic.

23. Sumayah
Your baby is your pride and joy. Sumayah means "pride" in Arabic.

24. Xara
Pronounced, ZAAR-aa, this exotic name means "shining" or "radiating".

25. Zahra
Can you guess what this one means? It is a "flower".

Beautiful Arabic Baby Boy Names

1. Amare

In Arabic, Amare is a variant of the name Amar, which means "one who builds".

2. Bader
Meaning "full moon", your baby boy will project brightness like that of the moon. 

3. Cairo
Cairo is a valiant, strong name. It means "one who is victorious".

4. Dafi
With the warmest soul - who else than your sweet little baby?

5. Essam
Your promise of an eternal bond with the tiny bearer of this name. 

6. Faisal
A popular name which means "judge or arbiter".

7. Hakeem
This name hold two powerful meanings, "wise" and "healer".

8. Haroun
Your little boy will be holding the powerful spirit of a warrior lion.

9. Huzayl       
Bin Shurah Bil had this dreamy name.

10. Jameel
Translating to "stunning" in Arabic, inside and out. 

11. Kareem
A distinguished, noble, and generous person is given this name. 

12. Lu’ay or Luay
A truly masculine Arabic given name as it stands for "shield or protector".

13. Mika
A name that symbolizes all you want your little one to be - cool, sweet, and intelligent.

14. Musa or Moussa
This name traces back to an important prophet. 

15. Na'il
Kicktstart your baby's successful genes with this name that translates to "hard-worker" or "breadwinner".

16. Omari
Your baby will surely prosper with this name as it means "flourish".

17. Qusay
Although it means "distant", the name has such a beautiful ring to it. 

18. Rafiq
A great friend and confidante, your little boy will be.

19. Raouf
Your baby boy will have the itmost "compassion" in his heart.

20. Rohail
A name full of integrity, for a noble baby boy.

21. Salem
Salem is derived from the Arabic name Salim, which means “safe”.

22. Sultan
Meaning to "rule", who doesn't want their baby boy to be a king?

23. Yusuf
This name has meanings in both the Qur'an and the Bible. Yusuf was one of God's prophets, and it also means that "God never fails to give". 

24. Zayan
Zayan means bright - a bright name for a bright tot!

25. Zayd
This popular name indicates growth, abundance, and one who makes progress. 

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