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The Jaw-Dropping Saudi Pavilion At Expo 2020 Dubai

Inspired experiences and adventure await at one of the most sustainable structures at Expo 2020 Dubai, taking place from October 1 – March 31, 2022.

The state-of-the-art Saudi Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is set to be a highlight during the buzzworthy event where people can reconnect, meet new contacts and discover fresh horizons. The 13,000 square-metre pavilion, the second largest after the UAE’s, has received various accolades, and needless to say, garnered a lot of attention. Click through to know more:

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Firstly, the pavilion has earned the LEED Platinum Certificate from the US Green Building Council, the highest internationally recognised sustainability rating in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. As well as being placed among the most sustainable designs in the world, the exhibition area holds three Guinness World Records. These are for the largest interactive lighting floor feature, with around 8,000 LED lights, the longest interactive water feature, at over 32 metres, and the largest LED interactive digital mirror screen, at 1302.5 square metres.

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People, opportunity, nature and heritage are the four pillars that anchor the visitor experience at the Saudi Pavilion. And the jaw-dropping moments start right upon arrival to the venue that allows visitors to experience the Kingdom’s rich past, vibrant present and promising future. A 68 square-metre curved LED screen is the beginning of a technology-enabled journey through five ecosystems, hinting at the Kingdom’s natural spaces, beautiful coasts, vast deserts, surrounding seas and high mountains. Whether it’s the flora of Al Bardani Valley in Asir, the mighty mountains of Tabuk, the dunes of the Empty Quarter in southeastern Saudi or the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, the tour is sure to be nothing short of spellbinding.  

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Visitors to the Saudi Pavilion will then experience 14 cultural landmarks along an amazing escalator ride. These include acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as At-Turaif District in Ad-Diriyah, Hegra Archaeological Site in AlUla, Historic Jeddah, Rock Art in the Hail Region and Al-Ahsa Oasis.

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With the help of an audiovisual guide, guests can then explore 23 other destinations, including world-leading giga-projects that are rewriting the possibilities of sustainable development. The architectural gems include Qiddiya, Diriyah Gate and King Salman Park.

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Following this, visitors will enter “Vision,” a one-of-a-kind art exhibition curated by celebrated Saudi artists. Highlights include a 30-metre floating virtual sphere and a bespoke interactive floor.

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Last but not least, visitors will pass through the “Discovery Center,” where an innovative platform will connect international leaders to form partnerships and discuss investment opportunities. And participants will be able to visualise these through an interactive digital map of the Kingdom.

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