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Acclaimed Author & Member of the UAE Ruling Family, Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza Al Nahyan

Her Highness Sheikha Salama Bint Hazza is a woman who wears many hats and one with many fascinating stories. She is a member of UAE's ruling family but what she is even more renowned for is her writing. She is the acclaimed author of famous literature works such as "The Invisible Orphans," "Umm Al Naar," and "The Horse, the Saluki & the Falcon."

One could say that the story of Sheikha Salama’s journey towards becoming a storyteller has a heartwarming beginning. As a child, she enjoyed hearing stories told by family members, eventually coming to the realization that she wanted to tell her own stories as well. Not only that; she wanted to become an author having heard of various authors kick-starting their careers young.

So, by the age of 21, Sheikha Salama successfully published her first book titled "The Invisible Orphans," the story of loss, sacrifice, courage, and unconditional love. She would go on to publish four more titles including "The Horse, the Saluki & the Falcon." Her latest book was inspired by Charlie Mackesy’s "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox," while touching on the subjects of humanity and life with Emirati themes. You can currently find all her books at

Surprisingly, "The Invisible Orphans" wasn't truly Sheikha Salama's first work as she originally intended to dive into the world of adult novels. But due to having trouble brainstorming great ideas that could flow freely, many works of this genre still remain unpublished till this day. Instead, she found herself enjoying writing children's novels more, believing that it was a good way to build up her experience.

Sheikha Salama is currently trying her hands on writing short stories including her upcoming title "Mouth of the Lion." This work of fiction is said to touch on UAE’s history, and will focus on a haunted island at Ras Al Khaimah.

Recently, it was announced that Sheikha Salama would be taking part at the Sharjah International Book Fair, which is set to take place from November 3 to 13, 2021. "The Horse, the Saluki & the Falcon" is expected to be promoted at the venue amongst other great titles. 

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