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3 Breathtaking Spots to Stargaze in Saudi Arabia

Stargazing is a favorite pastime to many, and it's not hard to see why. As humans, we’ve always been curious about exploring what's out there in our nearest galaxies, and tools such as telescopes allow us to do just that here on earth. We can also still get great views of the night stars with just the naked eye, but it often depends on our location and climate conditions. For those stargazers amongst us residing in Saudi Arabia, here are three breathtaking spots in the Kingdom where you can definitely feast your eyes on the wonders of the night sky and universe.

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Moon Valley

Here's one of Jeddah's hidden gems to consider on your next camping trip, but also an ideal spot for stargazing. This desert landscape offers serenity away from the hectic city life, and is great for hiking and overnight camping. Visitors will be able to get a great view of the sunset and the night sky, as you unwind for hours looking up to the stars. Moon Valley is situated near Usfan, next to Jabal Al Jadib.

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AlUla is situated in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia and best known for its three fields in tourism: the historical sites, desert landscapes and, of course, stargazing! Not having a large population, unlike the urban areas, also means less air pollution and clearer skies. July and August are said to be most ideal for photographers to get great shots of the night sky, otherwise known as the "dark night skies" of the Northern Hemisphere.

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An Nafud

Situated in the northern region is An Nafud, the second largest sandy expanse in the Arabian Desert. With orange sands, An Nafud is a classic Arabian desert landscape one might come to expect, but with a wonderful variety of desert dunes, cliffs, and mountains. Just like AlUla, this area benefits from clear skies, thus making it an ideal spot for stargazing.

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