What Your Favourite Hijab Colour Says About You

The colour of your favourite hijab does not have to be one you wear most often, but when you do, you feel comfortable and full of life at the same time. Which colour is your favourite? Find out what your choice of colour says about you.


We know that blue automatically means calm, so if this is your favourite colour then you have a good grasp of inner peace and coolness. It is important for you to be in control in some areas of life, but you also don’t mind taking time out to let go.
Are you creative, compassionate, and charming?


People who favour green are the straightforward kind. They value honesty and expect the same in return. Do you heart the colour green? If yes, then you know you are an emotional being who thrives on the love and support you get from others.
Are you well-mannered, loyal, and affectionate?


Pink is a gentle colour, but it is a lot of fun too! If you are drawn to shades of pink, you are quite the same - you enjoy your own company, but love being around others for a fun time. You care deeply about people and try to see the good in everyone.
Are you sweet, passionate, and generous?


Stylish and sophisticated is how you feel when you choose to wear black, and that’s exactly what you radiate. It’s important for you to keep your emotions in check. You may have an introverted side, but you do love to speak out and lead when you are called to do so.
Are you artistic, sensitive, and a little serious?


Lovers of red tend to keep a firm grip on the things they want and love, if they can’t have it - they persist! The colour is an energizing one, and it fuels your fiery passion for life. You don’t let anyone get you down or dampen your outgoing spirit.
Are you courageous, determined, and active?


Someone that is highly imaginative and enjoys creating will adore their turquoise hijab the most. While you don’t enjoy being alone, you prefer working on your own without guidance. It might be difficult for someone to try and figure you out, but once they do, they cherish your company immensely.
Are you an observer, complex, and considerate?


You are the best friend a person could have! People fond of brown are patient, good listeners and down-to-earth. You do not care for flashy material things, instead you chase after stability and comfort.
Are you organized, dependable, and sincere?


We’re seeing this colour a lot more these days, and if it’s your first choice then you are fun and friendly. You don’t mind doing spontaneous activities and inviting all your pals along. Your friends would say you are one sociable soul.
Are you competitive, enthusiastic and optimistic?


You are in touch with your spirituality and seek the meaning of life. You enjoy searching for answers, but when it comes to you, you enjoy keeping parts of yourself a mystery to most. The colour inspires you to write, sing, or act.
Are you unique, secretive, and inventive?

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