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Saudi Botanical Society To Turn Historic Diriyah Green

In a latest venture to contribute to the environment, Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Botanical Society (SBS) to increase the area of plants and trees in Diriyah.

The initiative also aims to sensitize people about the importance of plants and green spaces. According to Arab News, Diriyah is set to open the first national garden with local plants along with other projects implemented by the DGDA.

First, two square kilometers of Wadi Hanifa and old farms in the region will be restored. New hiking trails and parks are also in the works, which opens the floor for leisure activities in the valley to tourists and locals alike.

With academic motives, the MoU hopes to update scholarships with research on local plants in Diriyah. Diriyah Gate Project, Wadi Hanifa Project, and Wadi Safar Project are some of the actors exchanging expertise and data.

Moreover, SBS is an one of a kind non-profit working towards the protection of wild and local plants in the Middle East and has been involved in projects such as Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East.

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