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Meet Maria Alia Al-Sadek, A Model, Creative & Digital Strategist

From Burberry to Dior, Nike to Armani Beauty, Maria Alia Al-Sadek is known for her work as a creative and digital strategist with some of the most high-profile brands from across the globe. Hailing from Palestine and Puerto Rico, Al-Sadek is also a model with an authenticity and presence that stands out, and she is an inspiration to many hoping to break into the industry.

Having completed her studies in marketing management, in 2016, Al-Sadek moved from Mobile, Alabama to New York City to pursue her dreams, following the old saying often associated with the Big Apple: “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Surely, with Al-Sadek building up her career to become a sought-after digital strategist and project manager for many a fashion PR firm, that is exactly what happened.

Over a year after moving to NYC, Al-Sadek became a full-time freelance creative, and model with emphasis on modest dressing. As you probably guessed, she garnered a large following on Instagram where she’s best known for mixing her Muslim background with a penchant for style and design.

"The way that I style things and the way that I even went shopping and looked at pieces is very influenced by my modesty and my choice to wear the hijab," she said in an article by Emperifolla.

In fact, her cultural perspectives have also been crucial in pushing for dialogue over acceptance, inclusivity, and being authentic to oneself in the industry. In addition, Al-Sadek often seeks inspiration for her fashion projects from many places. This includes experiencing local cultures during her travels and looking at other women in her life.

Al-Sadek has an online portfolio with lists of works done in various fields, and ways to contact her for services. You can visit to check them out. 

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