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Ketish: The Female Wellness Brand Backed By Huda Kattan

When Huda Kattan isn’t launching her own dream brands, she’s helping other to achieve their own entrepreneurial goals. Her latest venture puts women’s health at the forefront.

In a recent announcement on social media, Huda Kattan revealed that “Ketish” would be the first brand to be launched by “Huda Beauty Angels,” which is part of HB Investments – Huda’s venture capital firm. Kattan shared a video on Instagram with her 49 million followers, and said “I’m really excited on a deep level about Huda Beauty Angels and being able to reveal to you guys very soon the first project we are investing in with an amazing founder who has such an amazing mission and purpose and we know they’re going to change the world.”

She continued, “When we first started our brand, nobody wanted to invest in us. Nobody wanted to really believe in our cause and what we were doing,” as she went on to talk about what encouraged her to start her $10 million female business seeding initiative, “HB Angels.”

So what is “Ketish?”
“Ketish” is a feminine care brand that is being helmed by former Huda Beauty product developer, Eman Abbass. The brand is set to launch in August 2021 with its first ever product and will specialize in overall female wellness. Founder, Eman Abbass, is yet to reveal what is in store for the product offering, but has established that the brand will be focusing on “targeted body care products.”

“Ketish” was an idea inspired by Abbass’s personal health journey, as she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 21 at her first ever gynecologist appointment. Being Arab and coming from a rather conservative American-Egyptian family, Eman found it difficult to speak openly about her personal health, her diagnosis and treatment. Due to being afraid to talk about her cervical cancer, the “Ketish” founder spent 9 years going through the treatment and healing journey alone and in that time, became inspired to launch a luxurious female wellness brand that aims to reform feminine care products in the Middle East.

Speaking to The Industry Fashion website, she said, “A lot of those brands and products that we find now are in the pharmacy and the pharmacy is traditionally a place that you go when you are sick or something is wrong. We want to take feminine wellness and care out of the pharmacy and put it in the places that women shop… when I’m having a bad day I go to Sephora or I hop on to Cult Beauty. It’s those spaces that we want to be playing in to really elevate that experience and give women products that they can incorporate into their overall beauty and self-care routines.”

In a press release about “Ketish”, Huda Kattan stated, “Ketish is a movement. It’s about taking power back and being fully comfortable with yourself. When people start to become part of this community, they’re going to feel liberated. I realized very quickly that this was a topic that so many people had so many issues with. The more I started talking to Emaan, the more I was convinced that she could change the category.” 

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