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Unconventional Hiking Path? Try Najran Valley Dam in Saudi Arabia

If you’re looking for a hiking path with a view, then why not hike through one of Saudi Arabia’s most serene settings, the Najran Valley? This region is located about 25 kilometers from Najran city and extends over 290 kilometers from the mouth in the plains to the Empty Quarter in the east. A key notable feature is the river flowing through the valley, with lush greenery around its banks. Once you’re there, it’s easy to see why people enjoy visiting the valley. The rainy season is perhaps the best time to visit to get the best experience possible.

One of the key landmarks at the valley is the Najran Valley Dam, an arc dam currently owned by the Saudi government and managed by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Water and Electricity. It was constructed in 1981 and inaugurated by Crown Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the following year. The dam is vital in reducing flooding in nearby towns, while still providing much needed water supply to farms. It also helps maintain groundwater, and serves as a reservoir receiving over 50 million cubic meters of rain water and run-offs. The dam is open to the public with tourists having access through mountain tunnels.

Hikers may also come across historical sites such as Raom Castle, located next to Safa Park. The historical site, prominently consisting of limestone blocks, sits at the top of nearby mountains, giving visitors a memorable, panoramic view of nearby landscape from a high elevation. It’s also a perfect way to watch the sunset over the horizon.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia has a handful of unforgettable scenery for hikers to trek through, and Najran Valley is no exception. From its flowing rivers and lush greenery to Najran Valley Dam and Raom Castle, you can’t go wrong adding this destination to your travel list. 

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