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New Milestones Show Golf Saudi’s Determination To Help The Environment

The body has signed up with the UN Sport for Climate Framework and extended its collaboration with the GEO Foundation, helping put the sports sector the on the path to climate neutrality.

Golf Saudi, the official body for the development of golf in the Kingdom, has joined the UN Sport for Climate Framework. The federation that aims to deliver a dynamic national development programme to transform the golfing landscape has also extended its collaboration with the GEO Foundation. The combined steps, which fast-track action and results across a range of important environmental and climate issues, show the strength of Golf Saudi’s commitment and leadership in sustainability.

By becoming an official signatory of the UN Sport for Climate Framework, the sports body joins a fast-growing community of organisations, leagues, tours, tournaments and associated media across sport building commitments and pathways towards The Paris Agreement’s ‘net zero’ targets.

“We are incredibly excited about joining the United Nation’s Sports for Climate Action Framework and playing an active part in sport’s contribution to global climate action,” His Excellency Yasir O. Al-Rumayyan, Chairman of Golf Saudi and the Saudi Golf Federation, said.

Al-Rumayyan, who finalised the agreement that ensured Golf Saudi was officially accepted into the initiative, added that since its inception, Golf Saudi has aimed to build these types of international partnerships. They help to boost “sustainability into golf’s further development, contribute actively to Saudi’s Vision 2030 and also to be part of the sports sector’s path to a low-carbon future.”

The Sports for Climate Action programme counts on sporting organisations to acknowledge the sports world’s contribution to climate change and the collective duty to commit to climate neutrality for a safer world. Sports groups can do this by being climate frontrunners via working together, which will consequently incentivise climate action beyond the sports arena and help other international organisations deal with the threat posed by climate change.

“Through their collective efforts and influence, sports organisations have an incredible opportunity to drive and inspire climate action on a global scale,” UN Global Climate Action Manager, Niclas Svenningsen, said in a statement. “We are pleased to welcome Golf Saudi as a signatory and look forward to their contributions on this journey.”

Golf Saudi is also prolonging its collaboration with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf. The international non-profit has been solely committed to speeding up sustainability and climate action across the sport for the last 15 years.

“We are pleased to continue to support the role out of the National Golf Sustainability Strategy, ensuring that high standards and significant innovation are built into the development and operations of facilities, the staging of events and the generation of positive multipliers,” Jonathan Smith, Founder and Executive Director of the GEO Foundation, said. “In parallel, there are a number of important new aspects of research and development underway, widely relevant to golf, such as ecosystem restoration through golf; harnessing renewable energy; comprehensive water resource management; and building circularity into golf’s supply chain.”

Momentum started building with the development of the National Golf Sustainability Strategy in 2020. Within the policy, Golf Saudi has set out an array of bold golf industry schemes around carbon and climate, ecosystem restoration, the circular economy and water stewardship.

In addition, there are plans that will steer the way the Aramco Team Series, which will soon see its second event take place in Spain, is staged. More details of the Sustainability Action Plan are expected to be announced shortly, and will cover event venues, staging and legacies. The work around the series is closely aligned with, and inspired by Celebrating the Green presented by Dow, the Ladies European Tour’s sustainability initiative. 

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