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3 Emirati-Based Designers Have Been Shortlisted For The SHEIN X 100K Challenge

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Three UAE designers, Armand Mehidri, Lina Mane and Joudi, have been shortlisted for the SHEIN X 100K Challenge. Held under the theme “Be Bold, Be You,” SHEIN’s first-ever competition gives one of the designers the chance to be featured in their autumn/winter 2021 fashion showcase and win $100,000.  Here’s what to know about the collections by the three designers who have made it to the final stages of the challenge by the global leading online fashion retailer.

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Armand Mehidri

Designing clothes has always been a true passion for Armand Mehidri. And this year saw the 28-year-old Albanian artist and renowned fashion illustrator launch his first clothing collection with SHEIN. Aptly called “Lilac Nightfall,” the pieces are inspired by the lilac flower and the sky's purple shades at sunset. The collection features effortless, elegant neutrals that feel modern and timeless and can easily be elevated from day to night.

The designer created them with the hope that every woman can feel comfortable and beautiful wearing them, regardless of her age, skin colour or body type

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Fashion designer Joudi launched her brand, JD, in 2020, with the aim of creating unconventional yet wearable fashion and, of course, stunning visuals. The inspiration behind the 23-year-old’s latest collection is the Rubik‘s Cube, which was invented by Erno Rubik.

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In the collection, Joudi, who is also a photographer and videographer, has incorporated white, green, blue, red, yellow and orange, the vibrant colours seen on the infamous cube puzzle, into all the pieces.

Since the Rubik’s Cube is solved when a correct colour match of all the squares on the cube is achieved, Joudi has applied the same concept of moving coloured squares to the collection. She has done this in a clever way, allowing the wearer to arrange the detachable squares for themselves.

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Lina Mane

Since establishing her label L'Mane in 2015, Lina Mane has been adapting her work to the market needs and her design understanding. With design experience in diverse fashion capitals like Mumbai and Milan, the designer brings her global understanding to every collection. 

The inspiration behind this latest collection came from the hundreds of diverse designers who participated in the SHEIN X 100K Challenge and the fashion community at large. The designs pay tribute to each designers' spirit and dedication to style.

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"Each one of us comes from a different country or culture, then applies our knowledge and understanding to develop our unique designs. I portray this with my blobs of paint, this is what shows up on my prints in the collection," Mane says.

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