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Jomana Al-Rashid on SRMG’s New Transformation Strategy & What It Means for the Regional Media Landscape

Jomana Al-Rashid, Chief Executive Officer of SRMG

Jomana Al-Rashid, Chief Executive Officer at Saudi Research & Media Group (SRMG) has a bold vision. On Sunday, the recently-appointed CEO announced the first step in a shake-up of SRMG’s strategy that will keep it at the forefront of a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Built on a strong foundation of more than 50 years, SRMG’s titles have long been a key source of news, information and lifestyle content in the region. Today, it boasts more than 30 titles and its new strategy focuses on expanding its platforms, digital offerings and global reach, as well as investing in agile, bold media startups.


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SRMG plans to deliver more original, exclusive and premium content to its readers and viewers through new digital and social platforms, meaning more news and quality lifestyle content including fashion, beauty, décor, travel, wellbeing, nutrition and celebrity news.

In an ever-changing world, Jomana believes it is important that SRMG continues to evolve to understand and meet the needs of modern audiences to play a major role in shaping the global media landscape. “Delivering authentic stories is at the heart of what we do at SRMG. We believe in engaging with our consumers and resonating with them. What that really comes down to is knowing your audience, knowing what they want, and delivering it to them in the way they want it.”

In line with its focus on engaging audiences through new platforms, SRMG will expand its reach to delivering events that will provide important opportunities for personal connection in a digital world.

Jomana commented: “We believe events are a natural extension of a media company and provide an important platform for audience engagement. Through our multi-platform approach, we aim to become a premier content creator, a hub for creativity and journalism that meets the needs of our audiences in the region and around the world.”

Jomana believes the new digital strategy will firmly position SRMG at the heart of the Middle East’s digital future, empowering journalists, changing the way journalism is taught and produced, and how people consume news and information.

Backed by a newly appointed leadership team, she says SRMG is equipped and ready to embark on this new journey. “Driven by the new strategy, we believe the opportunity for growth is massive and look forward to exciting years ahead. This is just the first step; the best is yet to come.”

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