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9 Apps That Saudis Fell in Love With This Year

With a huge amount of apps available at our fingertips, a country’s top apps can reveal a lot about its citizens’ priorities. Based on this list, Saudis love to share what they’re doing and keep connected!

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Bigo Live
Techy-savvy Saudis fell in love with BIGO LIVE’s instant video broadcasting. It lets you show off what you’re doing, when you’re doing it!

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An alternative to WhatsApp, WeChat is an internet message and call app that allows people across the world to stay connected.

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This file-protecting app protects media on your phone with a PIN code. Sharing your photos online comes at a price, but protecting them is free!

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Similar to WeChat, Telegram is a messaging app that emphasizes speed and security. It stands out because you can download the app on your computer, so you aren’t limited to your smartphone.

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This messaging app doesn’t need a phone number – it’s all by username. It’s mostly used to connect with family and friends, but you can also meet new people!

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Saudis flocked to the music-downloading app to get their favourite songs right on their smartphones. Why wait for your song to pop up on the radio when you can enjoy it whenever you want!

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With this app, you can connect with people across the world at random. You swipe at the screen and a new face pops up. It’s a good way to meet new people and make friends from all over.

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Instagram has become more popular for bloggers, businesspeople and casual users who want to share their lives online. A filter makes everything look better!

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This list would be incomplete without Snapchat, Saudi’s breakout app of the year. The appeal of instant photo sharing and photos disappearing after they’re sent have kept Saudis busy Snapping. Who are we kidding? We love the puppy filter, too!

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