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Shamsa Alabbar’s Jewlery Merges Contemporary & Edgy Into One

Meet the talented Emirati jewelery designer!

As kids, many of us were often inspired by beautiful things around us but very few of us took those inspirations further, turning them into careers. Amongst those few whose childhood fascinations are now the core of their profession is Shamsa Alabbar, who from a very young age, fell in love with jewelry. Today, the young Emirati designer has her very own line with her moniker, known for its beautiful contemporary meets traditional designs.

A graduate of the American University in Dubai, Alabbar majored in graphic design and holds a bachelor of fine arts in Visual Communication. In university, she specialized in branding, package design, book design, and poster design. Upon graduation, however, she pursued her lifelong interest in jewelry design, one that began at home, inspired by her mother’s collection of stunning pieces.

Today, her love for jewelry has led her to becoming a well-known designer in the region and beyond. Starting with designing her very first piece while still in university, a gift for her best friend on her birthday, to today becoming renowned for designing modern, minimal, and highly sought-after pieces, Alabbar is truly a talent and a trailblazer.

As she did when she was a child, Alabbar continuously looks for beauty around her, gathering inspiration from her environment and putting that into her work to create something unique. According to her LinkedIn page, she always tries to find beauty in the most unusual places, and takes special interest in designing beautiful patterns. Indeed, a glimpse at her pieces and what is immediately apparent is the marrying of contemporary and traditional cultures, the latter a big part of who Alabbar is, a representation of her values, her identity, her home. 

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