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Impressive and Rugged, this is Fossil Rock in Sharjah, UAE

A landmark that adventure goers and hikers in the UAE may stumble upon, Fossil Rock, also known as "Mount Meliha," is a hidden gem in Sharjah's desert landscape known for its impressive and rugged appearance. On the outside, it may look like a regular rock blending seamlessly in the desert scenery. In actuality, it tells stories of the region's various species and civilizations throughout the millennia, making it one of the most important parts of Emirati heritage.

The name "Fossil Rock" should already hint at hidden fossils in the rock itself. Many of these fossils date back 70 million years, when the area experienced volcanic activity. Simultaneously, the terrain was submerged into the sea during this time period, with current fossils hinting to marine life in the area, including corals and several invertebrates. This is evident in the layers of the rock, each predating the other.

Another historical importance to Fossil Rock is its clues to past civilizations. Historical sites around the landmark date back to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, with other civilizations including pre-Islamic and Islamic. In fact, you may visit the Mleiha Archaeological Center in the area to learn more about UAE's ancient civilizations.

Even if history isn't your cup of tea, the desert landscape is still a great destination for various outdoor activities. For instance, off-road exploration, and cliff-climbing are ideal for getting closer to Fossil Rock and its surroundings. Visitors will need to visit with sufficient supplies, though, and 4x4 SUVs are highly recommended for off-road exploration.

The area is also a popular jogging destination with two different paths, one longer than the other, to choose from. The area is spacious enough for picnic goers, and it is also a camp site for anyone hoping to experience the desert at night.

From its hidden historical treasures to just wanting to get away from city life, Fossil Rock is a hit amongst Sharjah's residents and tourists visiting the area. If you're considering visiting Fossil Rock, it is located in Mleiha, which is just an hour drive from both Sharjah and Dubai. 

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