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Abu Dhabi’s Public Spaces Open To Vaccinated People

The UAE as a whole has been stringent with their COVID-19 rules and regulations and has been progressively successful in getting as many residents and citizens vaccinated as possible to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

This week, the emirate of Abu Dhabi announced that it would only allow people who have been vaccinated to enter particular public places from the end of August. The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee’s media office tweeted on June 28th that this decision applies to universities, schools, malls, restaurants, gyms, museums, resorts, and other retail outlets, bar those selling essential items, such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

The decision falls in line with Abu Dhabi’s approach to diminishing the COVID-19 virus as well as the precautionary measures taken to preserve public health, including testing campaigns in industrial areas and densely populated areas and the use of modern technologies to detect infection. In Abu Dhabi, over 93% of the target groups in the city have received at least one dose of the vaccine and the campaign continues to offer booster doses to those eligible – such as those with compromising health conditions.

By August, the emirate hopes to have most of its citizens and residents vaccinated, however, the new rule for vaccinated people only in public spaces does not apply to anyone that has a vaccination exemption which should be received through the approved process and registered on the Alhosn app. The “green pass” system limits public access to vaccinated people, or those that can show a negative virus test, or to children under the age of 15.

At present, the UAE ranks high in the number of vaccinations administered and currently stands at over 15 million administered doses. 

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