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Here’s How Guy Manoukian Is Transforming Dubai’s Nightlife

The Theatre Dubai has opened its doors in the city! The immersive visual spectacle offers world-class entertainment with a lineup of dynamic shows that will intrigue your imagination and leave you in awe. Bound to change the face of nightlife in the region, the Middle East’s very own showman, Lebanese-Armenian musician, composer and pianist, Guy Manoukian is the one directing the new haunt.

“Welcome to the masterpiece in motion. The Theater Dubai is not just another show, it’s an institution of art; an amalgamation of live music and extravagant dance performances incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Get ready to expect the unexpected,” says Guy Manoukian.

Complete with exquisite interiors, guests can expect a unique and refreshing dining concept, featuring an international menu with a mix of bold flavors. Attendees will begin the evening with a fine selection of Beluga and Oscietra Caviar, along with a warm selection of Chef’s special handmade Beef Gyoza served with smoked onion purée. Seafood connoisseurs can try the Lobster Linguini – luscious poached lobster cooked in fragrant lobster stock, while the meat lovers can indulge in the signature slow-cooked Wagyu Tomahawk with shaved truffle. Guests can also explore the multiple bars across the venue, including a special retro style speakeasy, and a 3C – Cigar, Caviar and Cognac Bar.

The magical shows feature an incredible lineup of artists flown in from across the globe, including vocalists and aerial dancers from Vegas. With a stage stretching all the way into the audience, every seat in the house offers spectacular views, which ensures that guests are gripped from start to finish. Having been a key player in the music industry both locally and internationally for over two decades, Manoukian is here to set a higher standard not just in Dubai, but across the Middle East.

“Whilst the whole world was in lockdown, we were looking for the underdogs and the hidden gems in the world of art and theater. They’re now starving for a performance, so when they’re back on stage it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” explains Manoukian, Artistic Director and creative mind behind The Theater.

The Theatre shows feature a fusion of Eastern and Western performances while incorporating the works of legends from the past and the present, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Guests can expect to embark on a dramatic journey as they immerse themselves in the storyline of each act.

Shows stand out with a unique experience following a different theatrical theme with a distinct symbolic message. The evening opens with a laid-back jazz performance as guests walk into an Alice in Wonderland setting. The tempo picks up as the night progresses, with a live DJ performance following each impressive act, and the audience swaying to nostalgic all-time favorites from the 80s and 90s.

Some shows that follow will be an ode to modern entertainment. Reimagining some of the most iconic scenes on the silver screen, performers will take stories we know one step further through acting, live performances and music. The Theater’s version of the popular bathtub scene from 50 shades of Grey, or the Basic Instinct scene with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas will blend film and live theater into one mesmerizing performance.

A magnificent Arabic show will combine the most exciting and wonderful elements in the oriental world. The band will kick off with instrumental music and proceed onto a nostalgic journey of the best of Arabic pop hits from the 80s until today. The journey then continues into a mix of hits from the Gulf, and finally, the show sends guests off in fashion with high-energy party classics and modern hits that we all know and love, coupled with the one and only Lebanese Dabke.

As the evening gets more intense, a lead singer will take center stage, performing a series of all-time favorites including Bryan Adams, Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars to name a few. The grand finale will be an enthralling live performance that is sure to leave guests at the edge of their seats.

Besides a phenomenal lineup throughout the week, every Wednesday will be dedicated to ‘Guy and Friends’ - a special performance by the man behind it all, Guy Manoukian and his ensemble.

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