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Red Sea Development Company & KAUST Team Up For Research

Saudi Press Agency reported that Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Development Company signed this week a research agreement with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

“There is a growing realization that tourism must be more sustainable and renewable, and the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast is among the purest ecosystems in the world, so our collaboration with KAUST helps go beyond just conservation. on the environment to enhance this unique ecological treasure for future generations,” John Pagano, CEO of the Red Sea Development Company, said.

The two Saudi organizations will be working together on marine environment sustainability, food security and energy conservation. One of the goals is to address the value of biodiversity in the project area by 30% by year 2040.

According to Arab News, the head of Environmental Sustainability at the Red Sea Development Company, Dr. Rusty Brainard said that accomplishing carbon neutrality is another major objective to the company.

The team of experts at Environment and Sustainability Department of the Red Sea Development Company, who have amassed years of experience at KAUST,  are holders of a doctorate degree.

The Red Sea Development Company and King Abdullah University of Technology and Science plan to launch a marine research and a program to protect coral reefs on the Red Sea coast. Visitors will soon get the chance to experience the natural environment and wildlife in this area. 

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