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The Arab Gamer Girls Taking Center Stage

The video game industry is an integral part of today’s entertainment industry. In recent years, it also made way for new outlets such as YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and esports. Countries in the region especially have witnessed a growing interest in gaming across the region, with women taking interest in esports, becoming professional gamers, or even just making social media content focusing on gaming. Here are a few gamer girls from the region trailblazing onscreen:

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Galaxy Racer Esports (GXR)

Raghida is part of Dubai's Galaxy Racer Esports!

The Dubai-based Galaxy Racer Esports (GXR) made its mark by becoming the first esport organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but also the Emirates' first gamer girl team with members from over 20 countries. They started things off with a huge gaming event, GirlGamer, with the best gamers competing in games such as "CS:GO" and "League of Legends." Due to the event’s success, many eyes were on GXR even after the event, hence resulting in a huge following.

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Ruba Jaiousy

Ruba Jaiousy is a content creator focusing on all things gaming. She has an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel where she shares contents such as unboxing videos, gameplay, tutorials, video game cutscenes and soundtracks. Like other dedicated YouTube gamers, one thing that Jaiousy loves to do is having a large collection of games, hardware, and merchandise, and showing them off in eye-catching photos online.

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Meshael MR

Meshael MR is a Saudi YouTube content creator known for her bubbly personality. Her videos focus on gaming and other subjects, with a healthy dose of fun and laughter. She uploads videos every two weeks on YouTube in addition to streaming on her Twitch account.

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