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Sharm Zaem: One of Saudi Arabia's Most Picturesque Beaches

Be it weekends or holidays, whenever a free moment presents itself, locals and tourists alike flock to the beaches in Saudi Arabia to escape city life. In fact, the Kingdom is home to many great beaches in the region, not to mention the great views of the Red Sea, several diving destinations, and designated fishing spots.

One of the most sough-after locations is Sharm Zaem, a popular beach located in the Kingdom's Al-Wajh Governorate. Aside from lapping waves and sandy shores, what perhaps makes it truly stand out are the areas that surround Sharm Zaem. The beach is located next to desert landscapes and cliffs, a vast contrast to what visitors may find at the beach itself.

In fact, there's a lot people love about Sharm Zaem, primarily the stunning views of the Red Sea and the lush greenery next to the shores. In addition, calm sea currents also make for a suitable swimming destination for all ages, and the coral reefs and fishes make Sharm Zaem an ideal destination for scuba divers and fishermen.

There are other things visitors can do at Sharm Zaem such as horse riding, boat activities, and going on a jog while taking in the sight of local greenery. There's also a sitting area for visitors, and a play area for the kids. The beach is ideal for family picnics, and a great place to watch the sunset over crystal clear waters.

Indeed, Sharm Zaem is a great destination with a lot to offer. Whether you want to go for a swim, explore the coral reefs, or just relax under the sun, there's no shortage of activities one can partake. If you're visiting Al-Wajh by plane, the beach is close to the region's domestic airport. 

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