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A Look at Emirati Jewelry Designer Noora Shawqi

A glance at jewelry by Noora Shawqi and you’ll instantly notice the unique designs, the attention to details made possible by skilled Emirati artisans, and the real-world inspiration behind each piece shining through. Indeed, Noora Shawqi crafts each of her pieces with the finest of gold, diamonds, and vibrant stones, with the aim to make the wearer feel adventurous, confident, unique, and modern.

What makes her works really stand out is her source of inspiration, which comes from her travels around the world. Combining local cultures with impeccable quality, she converts her experience overseas into visual outputs that reflect on her jewelry. This is made possible with contributions from local artisans, as Shawqi strives to support UAE’s local talents.

Born and raised in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Shawqi’s background centers around jewelry. In fact, she grew up loving jewelry from a young age and started her own blog that would inspire her to become a jewelry designer. Today, she is a certified Diamond Graduate of the Gemological Institution of America, along with obtaining certification on Diamond Grader from the International Gemological Institute, and completing a course at L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels. Indeed, this gives her a broader understanding of the jewelry industry, with Abdulla and Hamad from Gafla Jewellery, and Ann Hertha being her biggest mentors in the industry.

Aside from being a knowledgeable and talented designer, Shawqi has a firm grasp on social media marketing, which is proven effective in exposing works to a wider audience. In 2017, she started an Instagram account (@noorask) where she began sharing some of her favorite jewelry from the region and abroad. Next thing she knew, her followers grew in number, promptly making her account a hit amongst jewelry lovers everywhere. Today, her jewelry brand now has its own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for advent jewelry consumers to check out, with products available for purchase at

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